Nita Carling

Nita has always been a bit feisty, a single mum with an adventurous streak, she made a living working hard at anything from fence-building and mowing lawns to industrial cleaning, always very physical work.

A natural affinity with the sea brought Nita many years of joy sailing and snorkelling every week until a freak collision with something submerged under the sea as she dived into the water broke her neck. Eleven months in the spinal unit made Nita realise how underfunded our public health system is, and she led a patient protest, including meal delays, to get more nursing staff for the Unit.

Back in the real world, Nita continues her advocacy to get better access, more funding and improved quality of life for people with disabilities. Affectionately known as "the new quad on the block", Nita has quickly become a prime mover in the disability community in Cairns, taking over the role as Paraquad Facilitator, talking to children (SEAT), writing "The Issue" newsletter and lobbying local councillors for better access. She says she learned the hard way how important it is to stand up for your rights. She brings the voice and enthusiasm of youth to FNQILSA.

Who are we here for?

FNQILSA can provide support to people with a disability:

  • Who have on-going or temporary support hours funded by the State Government or by another organisation;
  • Or who can pay for their own support; and
  • Who live in Far North Queensland or are visiting the region.

What services can FNQILSA provide?

FNQILSA is funded by the State Government through Department of Community - Disability Services to provide lifestyle support. We also:

  • Assist people with disabilities in the community through our Mobile Attendant Care Program (Dusk 2 Dawn);
  • Assit people with mental illness to live independently in their own homes, through the housing and support program (HASP) funded by Queensland health;
  • Assist to access temporary support funding avenues for emergency, unusual or respite situations.