FNQILSA is a non-profit community organisation providing quality support services to people with disabilities living independently within the community.

We were established by a small group of people who wanted to make their own choices in the management of their funding and how their support was provided.

We continue to be consumer-driven, providing support and training for people who really want to be in control of where, when and how they are supported.

We believe that this provides true independence enabling people to get on with living!

We are quality accredited against the Disability Service Standards by NCS International.  

Our Vision

Client driven quality, independent, lifestyle support for all people with disabilities.

Our Mission

  • To offer responsive/flexible quality support;
  • To be managed by a core group of people with a disability; for people with a disability;
  • To stay on the periphery of people's life;
  • To provide personalised support allowing people to choose their own path in line with their potential;
  • To reinvest / redirect resources to support more people with a disability;
  • To create and maintain partnerships which enhance quality support. 

Our Aims

  • To provide independent living support that is flexible and sensitive to the needs of the individuals who use the service.
  • To run the service by the members, for the members, at minimal administrative cost.
  • To provide support for quality communication between Support Workers and Consumers.
  • Individual, Support, SuccessTo provide an emergency back-up service, including a pool of Support Workers available for use by any service or private users.
  • To lobby for the equitable distribution of funding for quality support.

Who are we Here For?

FNQILSA can provide support to people with a disability:

  • Who have on-going or temporary support hours funded by the State Government or by another organisation;
  • Or who can pay for their own support;and
  • Who live in Far North Queensland or are visiting the region.

What services can FNQILSA provide?

FNQILSA is funded by the State Government through The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services to provide lifestyle support.

We also arrange temporary support funding for emergency, unusual or respite situations.