Kim Sultana

Kim was born in Adelaide and but spent her early years running free and barefooted in Gove, on the northeastern corner of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia and at age 9 Kim and her family moved to Cairns.

From childhood Kim has had a love for horses and currently owns two of her own. Now married to Laurie, they have two daughters who share her passion for horses.

Kim's primary focus has been in raising her children and maintaining a strong family bond with the rest of her family. When the time came for her to find employment, she naturally gravitated to caring roles, following her mother and sister into work in a nursing home. At age 20, Kim began work with a consumer as a Support Worker and holds the proud distinction of being the longest employed Support Worker at FNQILSA - having been with us since we began in 1997. She still works for the same consumer and as Support Worker Rep, Kim brings her wealth of experience to the Management Committee.