Maryanne Fullalove

Maryanne brings an overwhelming joie de vivre to the FNQILSA Committee. Her sense of simply loving life is highly infectious. Warm, outgoing and full of energy, Maryanne has a playfulness which reminds us not to get so caught up in the business of FNQILSA that we don't see the benefit of FNQILSA.

English born but growing up in Sydney, Maryanne has enjoyed the pleasure of calling Cairns home since the early 80s. Those who know her say it is no surprise that she suffered her spinal injury riding pillion passenger on a motorbike around a Greek Island. Well if you are going to break your neck at least you should do it somewhere beautiful, romantic and warm!

Maryanne is blessed with a now grown-up son and many beloved friends, and loves the warmth of Cairns, from both the people and the climate, and she returns that warmth ten-fold. It is wonderful to have her on our Committee.