Gail Harris

Creative, arty, spiritual and calm is Gail's nature but this does not hide her wicked sense of humour or her adventurous streak. A free spirit, Gail devotes a huge amount of time and energy to the independent living movement in order to make sure that other people do not have to suffer the many years of nursing home care that she did as a young woman.

A lateral thinker, Gail has a commonsense, practical approach to problem solving, and has the patience of a saint! She took on the bus company to get accessible buses in Cairns, doggedly refusing their offers of hoists, even through years of negotiating and a week long court hearing. We now have low-floor buses!

Gail's desktop publishing skills are an inspiration to us all, no doubt attributable to her significant artistic ability, for which we are all thankful. From Annual Reports to flyers and newsletters, FNQILSA has long benefited from her creative abilities. As organisational Secretary Gail brings a commitment to the cause along with attention to detail and an aura of calm to our meetings.